Sunday, 29 July 2012

[Dish Compilation]

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Hope to see you around! (^,^)

Dish 19: (April 2012)
Dish 18: (Jan 2012)
Dish 17: (Dec 2011)
Dish 16: (Nov 2011)
Dish 15: (August 2011)
Dish 14: (August 2011)
Dish 13: (June 2011)
Dish 12: (June 2011)
Dish 11: (May 2011)
Dish 10: (May 2011)
Dish 9: (April 2011)
Dish 8: (March 2011)
Dish 7: (Feb. 2011)
Dish 6: (Dec. 2010)
Dish 5: (Nov. 2010)

Dish 4: (Nov. 2010)

 Dish 3: (Oct. 2010)
Dish 2: (Sept. 2010)
Dish 1: (Sept. 2010)
It's been more than a year and a half since the very first dish. Many things have happened in Pico and the game had changed in so many ways. Looking at the old photos (especially the one on the right - I miss my crew T^T) brings back so many good memories. (Forever love you guys T^T) Sigh. I wish Pico was as fun as it was back then. 

The account will be on hiatus for the moment. My sis will be taking over, mainly for the slots campaign. That's one of thing that brings people back to Pico now.
I hope my Dishes will bring a bit of magic and fun to PicoLand. (God knows we all need it in the real world right now.) To you guys who always visit and ring, I just wanna say I'm really, really thankful for your love and support. (T^T) Really! I wish I could continue on surprising you guys with new dishes but there's some real life issues I need to sort out right now. So... I'll be on hiatus for the moment.... I truly wish you and I all the best in life, and I hope that we'll find the meaning of our lives and treasure it every second. (^_^)/

So in ending, 

Let's keep our dreams alive!!

[2012 April Dish:] Custard Pie

Dish 19: Custard Pie
Custard & Pie & Edible flowers

Love-shaped (kinda) Pie. ^^
Crust looks crunchy~ ^^ *bites
 Standing on the custard is like standing on a trampoline. *wobbles

  [Note: All foods are made to be sat/stood on. (Even if they're set on a platter or a table) Don't be shy, click around. ^^]
注:所有的食物可以被坐/站在顶上。即使它们摆在盘子里或桌上)别客气,随处点击。 ^ ^]
Perhatikan: Semua makanan yang dibuat: bisa didudukkan / didirikan. (Meskipun ditetapkan pada piring atau meja) Jangan segan, klik di sekitar. ^ ^]

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